Our Story

How it all began∼

It’s all HER fault – my wife! After a successful stint growing tomatoes in the backyard my wife bought me two books, “From Vines to Wines” and a small winery manual. So she planted the cutting and left it for me to nurture.

Next, we planted a family vineyard which made my relatives in Italy very happy because they always wanted a vineyard, but didn’t want to incur the costs or work involved with one! In this adventure I also learned that I am a better winemaker than grape grower and that a small family vineyard cannot support the best of many varietals.

At Mattucci Winery, we primarily produce wines from Bordeaux/California fruit varietals blended with an Italian slant that are well balanced and elegant.

Our wines are produced in ultra small lots and never rushed to bottle or market. They spend 15 months to two years in oak barrels before we consider bottling.

We ferment each varietal with multiple yeasts in separate lots with extended maceration and blend only after our wines evolve in the barrel. While our wines are approachable young they are crafted to age well.

Our passion is to create a wine of contemplation requiring nothing more than a glass, a special companion, and an extraordinary moment.

Paul Mattucci Winemaker